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​How it all started.......

Jonny Milner son of a Yorkshire pig farmer was brought up around slippery roads since he started driving at the age of 5 years in a mini van. He Started in Grass tracking at 15 years old, then Rallycross at 17 he was picked up by Des O’dell of Peugeot Sport UK winning the British Rallycross Championship in 1990 taking the first ever Peugeot 205 Gti into Rallycross.

Jonny started rallying in 1989 taking the Rallycross engine out of the Rally car and plonking it into a Peugeot van! Repaired from his sponsor Simpson Brothers York, then once he had finished he took the engine out again and put back into the Rallycross car!
He won the Top Gear Junior British Rally Championship in 1992 (Driving a group A 205 1.6 GTi)  beating his good Friend Mark Higgins in a head to head battle to the final round.

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Jonny won the Shell scholarship in 1993-1994 Audi S4 and Escort Cosworth, taking a B seed on Network Q rally among many class and overall results.

In 1997  he drove his first Toyota for Duncan McMath (Toyota UK Technical Boss also Co Driver) with Celica GT4 St185 and progressed to ST 205 GT4 and again had many class wins in British Rally Championship.

In 2000 he had the opportunity to do the RAC rally with first Corolla WRC car run by Toyota Sweden, ex Henric  Lundguard,( Denmark) finishing 11th overall and second British driver, the first been the late Great Richard Burns.
Then thanks to Foot and mouth in 2001, Duncan suggested if a good price was got for the Group N Celica he would invest in a Corolla WRC for the 2002 Championship, so the Celica was sold!
A long trip to Fabritzio Tabaton at the top of Italy and an Ex TTE Corolla was collected!!

Wining back to back British Titles for 2002 and 2003, the man before Jonny, to do the double,  was Colin McRae, even more satisfying the car was run and prepared at Huggate with Jonny’s own Team!!
The car was sold at the end of 2003 and bought back by Jonny in 2009, he used this car to win the MSA National Gravel Championship in 2010.

Next Jonny already had the bug to win the Goodwood Hilclimb finishing 6th 2009, 2nd  in 2010, then the orange Monster Celica GT4 was developed with 850 BHP 4WD, Turbo, Nitrous, and Supercharged, Taking the Tag Heuer award for Fastest overall time for 2011



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